Author: Jen Fein

Do I have to download anything?

Nope. We are a completely mobile optimized, online solution. Nothing to download for you or your travelers. We are always available in a Software as

Group Leader - Hike Petra Monestary Jordan

5 Tips for Group Travel Organizers To Stand Out

When we speak to our community of group travel organizers we find that the common theme is the challenge of delivering the right customer experience. They know that people can go elsewhere to just book travel. So what does it take to stand apart and deliver that unique travel experience?

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More than a Booking Platform

We know organizing groups to travel is challenging work; whether you’re a professional or amateur, whether you’re working with an agent, booking independently, or you are an agent. That’s why YouLi is so much more than a booking platform.

Group Leader - Hike Petra Monestary Jordan

Who’s your Group Leader?

We’ve discovered that because travel has become so much more accessible, passionate Group Leaders are able to create trips for the groups that matter to them, to travel for the causes and destinations that give them purpose. That’s why we built YouLi.

Chasing Tomorrow

“Find people, Break rules” – Travel that Transforms

So much in the travel industry is transactional when it could be transformational; with the right awareness applied. We call this “responsible travel” and people like Max and Jeremy show us how they are responsible travellers that have a global impact.